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Microsoft Excel

Getting Started

  • Understanding pointer shapes
  • Undo and Redo
  • Excel's menus and toolbars
  • Activating another cell
  • Making selections within a worksheet
  • Using navigation keys
  • Working with sheet tabs
  • Creating a New Workbook

Entering Values

  • Entering labels (text)
  • Entering numbers
  • Entering dates
  • Changing column widths
  • Automatic date formatting
  • Number formatting
  • Using AutoComplete

Entering Formulas and Functions

  • Calculation operators in formulas
  • Order of operation precedence
  • Using the AutoSum function
  • Copying data within a row or column
  • Using AutoCalculate

Formatting a Worksheet

  • Formatting toolbar
  • Format Cells command
  • Editing Worksheets
  • Moving and Copying Cells
  • AutoFilling a Series

Relative vs. Absolute references

  • Relative references
  • Absolute and Mixed references
  • Switching between Absolute, Relative, and Mixed references

Preparing to Print

  • Formatting the sheet onscreen
  • Adding headers and footers
  • Repeating titles on every page
  • Changing the layout
  • Previewing and adjusting margins
  • Checking page breaks

Chart Basics

  • What is a chart?
  • Choosing the best chart type
  • Selecting data