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Microsoft Windows/XP/Vista/Windows 7

Getting Started with Windows

  • The Desktop
  • Using the Start Menu
  • Opening and Closing Windows
  • Working with the Taskbar
  • Shutting Down Windows

 Working with the Desktop

  • Using Desktop Icons
  • Working with Windows
  • Selecting Objects in Windows
  • Moving and Sizing Windows
  • Switching Between Open Windows
  • Working with Menus and Dialog Boxes
  • Using Online Help 

Using My Computer and Windows Explorer 

  • Starting My Computer and Windows Explorer
  • Using Toolbar Buttons
  • Viewing Folders and Files

Working with Folders and Files

  • Using Folders
  • Creating Folders
  • Copying and Moving Files
  • Deleting Files and Folders
  • Restoring Files and Folders
  • Using Floppy Disks
  • Copying and Deleting Floppy Disk File


Working with Shortcuts

  • Creating Start Menu Shortcuts
  • Adding Folders and Files to the Start Menu
  • Creating Desktop Shortcuts
  • Copying and Moving Shortcuts
  • Deleting Shortcuts


Using the Control Panel

  •   Setting Keyboard, Mouse, and Printer Properties
  • Changing the Desktop Display and Background
  • Using a Screen Saver
  • Changing the Desktop Color Scheme
  • Using Desktop Themes

Using Windows 98 Accessories

  • Using WordPad
  • Using Paint
  • Creating a Drawing
  • Saving and Printing a Drawing

Using Internet Explorer

  • Starting and Customizing Internet Explorer
  • Using URLs to View Web Pages
  • Navigating Web Pages
  • Using Hyperlinks
  • Using the Toolbar
  • Using the Explorer bar