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About South Shore Software Training


Based in the local Boston area, South Shore Software Training has developed and provided programs especially designed for a wide variety of corporate and individual clients.  We tailor our programs to meet your specific needs and to enable your employees to become more proficient in their computer skills and increase their productivity at work.  In addition, our team can conduct a software “needs analysis” and program developmen for your company.  Our clients vary from Fortune 500 companies to small, local-owned businesses as well as individuals looking to develop or improve their skills with a particular software application. 

For over 25 years,  Katy Mayo, the founder and owner of South Shore Software Training,  has provided classes to  clients nationwide, including on some of the most current, cutting-edge software used in the workplace.  As a trainer, Katy combines technical and subject matter expertise  to provide on-site training from front-line employees to individuals in the C-suite.  From full day trainings, to one-hour classes, or an individualized one-on-one training session,  Katy relies on a hands-on approach that ensures her client’s develop or improve the software skills that they need to perform their jobs.  As a Microsoft Office User Training Specialist and Certified Virtual Trainer, numerous companies have sought out Katy due to her professional expertise.   Katy also has developed and taught hundreds of specialized programs that teach technologies to the senior population.


Katy has provided training to companies in a number of different industries, including insurance, automotive, health care, construction, real estate, education, banks, colleges and local municipalities.  


Prior to founding South Shore Software Training program, Katy installed hardware and software at  companies throughout the United States.

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